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About me

The career of Hrvoje Kapelina has been determined by an extremely wish and need to paint, Like many other self-taught painters, unfettered and free of all rules and techniques imposed by eventual schools, he had to face many dilemmas and traps.Apart from the strong wish to create,his success is due to the unquestionable talent and to the great energy he invested in order to acquire and perfect different techniques, Looking for his personal, individual style,he taught from those painters who gave preference to a drawing.

His realistic appartenance is conditionned by the beauty and the harmony of his homeland and the Mediterranean in general,which,by its greatness,almost dictate copying,Kapelina skillfully eludes to fall into temptation of the blind imitation of nature and therefore,his paintings,with recognizable motives and details,are not the pure copy but the true,intimate inpression of landscape.

Sometimes,Kapelina's drawing is like a guide who reveals us unknown details of known places.Certain vignettes of the town itself,olive- groves or seascapes,Kapelina's paintings are the synthesis of persuasive drawing,convincing and firm composition and airy water-colour which give them softness and charm that enchant.Very special is the cycle of pastel paintings where the painter opts for different,almost mystic atmosphere, stressed by dark backgrund and special light effects.

In these last years oils on canvases are not rarity in the Hrvoje Kapelina' opus.These paintings weare all the characteristics of his individual Style: convincing composition,stressed contour and irreal colouring.The azure coat of paint brings to his canvases an extraordinary atmosfere.

Hrvoje Kapelina is a painter uf a great energy and his approach to Painting is always a new challenge when facing new motivea or technical Possibillites.The sincerity and force of his artistic impression attact the Attention of local and international public,His works of art have found place In numerous collections al over the world,reminding their owners of the Sunny South and and of their nice journey.